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We've been known as "The Sunshine Imprint Co." since 1992. One day in late 1991, I walked into the big silk-screen shop near our house. I asked them if they could help me cut a screen so that my daughter's Girl Scout Troop could print two dozen T-Shirts as an art activity in their troop meeting. Well, needless to say, I understood why other Girl Scout troops and youth groups did not do much screen printing as a meeting activity. To me, this task was not rocket science, so I set out to build a 4 color rotary screen printing machine out of plywood, a lazy susan and four door hinges. Purely by word of mouth, other groups heard about what I had done. They started seeking us out to do screen printing for them as well. It was not long until we figured we'd better get a business license. The business just keeps growing as if it has a mind of its own. I've got two manual presses now, one color, one print station machine and a larger six color, four print station rotary press with plans on a six color, eight print station all heads down automatic press. Oh yeah, we still have the four color, one print station plywood machine. We loan it out to the local youth groups for art activities.

The big shop around the corner will most likely give you a better price on large orders of thousands of shirts, but you'll get the personal touch from us. We can beat the big shop prices on the smaller print runs. We're talking runs under 500. We don't have the overhead they do. (We own all of our equipment outright. No payments here.) We have many large corporate companies as well as hundreds of small youth groups we work with. We'll always remember our roots and we'll always have time to work with small orders and youth groups. Over the years we have scanned all types of napkin sketches. Now the World Wide Web has come along and made the world a whole lot smaller place to live. We're putting this page up on the Web to tell folks about the services we can provide. We know there are other small groups out there that might have had the same experience with those big shops that won't or can't be bothered. We would love to hear from you. Drop us a line. Better yet, paste our address into a friend's E-mail and pass the word. Contact us .

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